10. High up and Mighty

Fate continues to challenge Viviana’s naive assumption that the Divine has a hand in every event that befalls human beings. It is a dilemma that religions through the ages have struggled with; is it His Will, is it Karma, or does shit just happen? Fate suggests that whatever the answer, Viviana has personal will in choosing her attitude to what has happened to her.

High up and Mighty


Is that what you think He should do,
sit high up and mighty and choose,
it is you who decides, with your arrogant pride
it all comes down to you.

Think of all the suffering, think of all the fear,
think of all the hunger, the wars and the tears.
Think of all your heartache, the sorrow and loss,
you all, we all bear our cross.

So is that what you think he should do,
do you want him to say you or you.
It’s an outdated view, and it’s time that you knew
there’s nothing he does without you.

What would be the criteria, what might be the tool.
If you want an easy life, play by the rules?
It’s you that’s responsible, your life is your game.
are you glad now that you finally came?

[Viviana] That’s not what i think, well I do.
I can see what you’re trying to do.
To help me to see, there will always be grief,
but to try to lay blame just won’t do.

Will there always be suffering?
always be pain?
If I am responsible, what will I gain?
I don’t understand what’s the point of it all,
so why, oh why did you call,
it’s pointless for all.

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