11. Oldest Question

Viviana’s inner Spirit tackles her question is a slightly more gentle fashion. Telling her that in the end, the answer to the question why me, is why not?

The Oldest Question



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[Spirit] It’s the oldest question in the book my dear,
a question asked since time begun,
and some believe there is an answer dear,
and some believe there can be none.

But there is so much to gain, and there is so much to learn, and there is so much to find
when you’re asking why.

There are many pages in the book my dear,
(so) many notes left to your song,
there’s so much left for you to live for dear,
your life has only just begun.
You’ve husband the loves you, and friends that care
and other than that, what will come, will come.

You are more like others than you think my dear,
whose pain and suffering’s just begun.
Don’t think that I don’t seee their pain, my dear
I hurt for each and every one.
And the road can be long, and resentment so strong
you don’t want but you will keep on asking why.

[Viviana] Can you tell me then what is the purpose here?
If some find answers and some don’t.
If I’m to find some kind of meaning here, I need your help
what if I won’t.
I want so much to learn
And I want so much to gain
and I want so much to know why I’m asking asking why.

[Spirit] It’s the journey not the destination dear, to realise your not alone,
not singled out not to be punished dear.
It’s life and life will make you strong.
There is only one way, to look back and say.
The answer is a question, not: why me.
but: why not.

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