12. Hogwash and gibberish

That answer may have pleased Viviana, but now her Shadow part breaks into the open, enraged at the facile new agey answers that the Spirit gives. Viviana is now fully confronted with an aspect of herself that she has denied. Viviana, the ‘good girl’, though more than a little whiney, meets Shadow, ‘pure unadulterated rage’, and then… Shadow’s grief of being abandoned.

Hogwash and gibberish


Hogwash and gibberish, a sop to keep the lowly low.
Noble suffering, don’t ask why,
shit happens, it’s not for you to know.
Don’t be bitter, angry, sad,
don’t blame Him, he’s not at home.
Almighty yes, but ask him why
he can’t stop what’s all gone wrong?

I once was a child, so innocent and sweet.
I thought that you would be there
to protect me from this world.
But when I was taken, there was nothing you would do
I felt so helpless watching
as I faded from your view.

And all my prayers were in vain,
you didn’t listen.
You could have made me better,
I believed you could have made me better,
but you did nothing,
nothing at all.
And I – I believed in you, was I a fool?

So now you tell me to be strong and to accept
what life brings me.
But how can I, when I’m half, when I’m broken?
Do I mean nothing, nothing at all.
Can I – can I believe in you, or are you a fool?

So hogwash and gibberish, don’t believe a word he says,
it’s all for nothing hello goodbye, life’s a bitch and then you die!!!

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