9. Why me?

At first Viviana is bowled over by her inner Spirit. But then her questions arise. WHY ME? Viviana believes that if you try and be a good person you can avoid bad things happening to you. Her naivety is countered by Fate who tries to help her see that adversity is part of life, for everyone.

Why me?



I don’t understand, why it should be me, why I cannot be like others.
I don’t understand, it’s not much to ask, I just want to be a mother.
I tried to be good, live life as I should
I even helped old ladies crossing the road
and now what?
is this my reward?

Didn’t think that life would be like this,
didn’t think that it would hurt.
And if this is what’s it’s like, well, then I might as well desert
Pack my bags and go away, just leave this stinking ship,
cause it’s undebearable , this is unbearable.

[Fate] You don’t understand, why should you
why you cannot be like others.
You don’t understand, it’s not much to ask
you just want to be a mother.
Oh you tried to be good, live life as you should,
you even helped old ladies crossing the road.
So what?
Do you want a reward?

No, no one said life wouldn’t be like this,
no one said it wouldn’t hurt.
Well this is what ‘s it’s like so now you might as well desert
pack your bags and go away, and leave the sinking ship,
or make it bearable, let me make it bearable.

[Viviana] I feel so alone, abandoned and small
did not plan for my plans to be thwarted.
Did I do somthing wrong, offended the gods
can I try to make good, what’s distorted?
If I try really hard, should I expect a reward
Is that how it works, are there goodies and bad?

What? what’s the answer?
I just feel so sad…

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