A day by the seaside


A day by the seaside

Now as the heat waves over us,

after weeks of cloud and rain.

With happy faces, one by one,

we climb aboard the train.

It chiffs and chuffs us on our way,

cows and pastures flying by.

Then hills, and dunes, and oh.. at last,

the sun, the sea, blue sky!

We tumble out, breathless, hot,

run straight into the sea.

My goodness it is cold and wet,

I have to do a wee.

But soon the shock starts wearing off,

we dive straight through the waves.

We just can’t get enough it seems,

we need more hours, more days.

But castles built and noses burnt.

We have to leave for home.

And when the sun sets. orange, pink,

Our face brings home the glow.


1991 Klundert, copyright Lysanne Sizoo

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