I feel Barren


sunset sad

I feel Barren

I feel barren, hollow, my belly an empty vessel under a broken heart

Where once was life cries a soul torn apart.

My hand rests there where you should have been

and I silently stifle a heartrending scream.

I see Mother Nature, rejuvenate once more

with the sickening ease of a talented whore.

I want to throw stones, at the ducks and their young

I am jealous, and ugly, I’ve lost

who I am.

I don’t like this person, bitter and sad,

But I feel so cheated, I feel so HAD.

Why make me pregnant, just to take it away

Is it some kind of joke, I ask as I pray.

But who is to say

Why me?

Why not me?

Would it help, if I knew

what the future will be.

London 1992, copyright Lysanne Sizoo

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