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Failure is good

Failing, or getting it wrong, just means that we are in the process of learning something new, trying something we’ve not done before. Perhaps even something other people haven’t done before. Sailing in uncharted waters. And while that is scary, it’s also the way we move life forward. And in doing so we join the explorers of new continents, the space missions, the inner space astronauts, the mystics, and every single toddler taking his or her first steps.

Parenting third culture kids

Parenting is hard enough at the best of times, and each developmental stage that our youngsters embark on stretch us a little further. Add into the mix the development of inter cultural, cross-cultural and international children, also called third culture kids and you find the challenges rise

Back to work stress

How do you feel about getting back to work after the holidays. Maybe you are experiencing back to work stress? For some people, the holidays provide a time of reflection, or action, or just the pure enjoyment of being boss over your own time. Others may feel they have hardly even had a chance to […]

Identity development

Part of our earliest confusion about believing external authorities, rather than our own internal wisdom, comes from the fact that we can’t, as babies, question the authority of those who hold up the ‘mirrors’ in which we see our ‘selves’ reflected.

3. Small pretty things

Viviana and her husband are dreaming about their baby as every pregnant couple does. What will they name it, will it be a boy or a girl? But then their dream of parenthood crashes and falters on the rocks of fate. Viviana cries for the child that she mis-carried, and her husband mourns for the lover he has lost as Viviana retreats into herself.

4. Unrequited love

Viviana’s husband wants to show her his love. Human beings need to be allowed to give love and much as to receive it. He hurts when she is too sad to hear him. And if we listen from the perspective of the Shadow, then even within the psyche there can be parts that want the love and recognition of other parts.

5. Raindrops

Crisis and opportunity come hand in hand. Viviana’s grief and depression might be a possibility for her Shadow/Alter ego to make herself more visible. Our Shadow carries everything that wasn’t acceptable in childhood; the good qualities as well as the bad. And it is always pushing to be more integrated. Will Viviana recognise this though, or will she only see the bad?