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Professional culture shock

And there will also have been some time for your mind to begin to miss the ‘mirrors’ from home that tell us who we are and how we should act. While being in a new environment is an excellent opportunity to have new aspects of ourselves mirrored back, we sometimes just need to be seen for who we know ourselves to be best.

Co-dependence or interdependence?

This coming week* we come under the influence of a very animalistic archetypal energy, in every sense of the word. This is the archetype of the wonderful animal whispers such as Cesar Milan. It is the energy of the shaman, who travels between worlds. This week offers us the opportunity to relate to the rest […]

Getting stuck in your dreams and fantasies

This alternative start to the new year is filled with emotional desires, which is often why our good resolutions from the 1st January fall by the wayside this week. We want to feel that we are alive, we want to go out there and do new things, we dream and fantasize about another world, a better world, or maybe our own professional success. And those who consciously deal with this energy can use this week to explore whether they filter this fantastical dreamlike energy through a fear filter, where it gets stuck, and diverted in satisfying our life hunger in other ways, through food, alcohol or the pursuit of financial and personal success, or from an openhearted loving and trusting frequency.

Labels can kill!

We live in a world full of labels. A world of this and that, a world of contradictions and dualities. It is a left-brained world where we stagger under the weight of the general expectation to name the shape of the lives we are living, be it our personal, professional, or even spiritual lives. I am a this, I do a that. And yet, if we know anything for sure, it is that the shape of things always changes and that the real dance of life is to adjust and adapt, not to constrict and obstruct.

Let the champagne bubbles of spring shake you up

We look outside of ourselves for stability. When life flows calmly by, we may even say to ourselves, ‘I must be doing something right’, appeasing the Gods or the Fates, and when life inevitably hits us smack in the face, we feel cheated. If we have the courage to truly ride the swings of life, we find that they are always in motion. It’s nothing we ‘do’ or don’t ‘do’, it just is.