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Betrayal and Forgiveness

One day I might realise that I have successfully met the fears that made me compromise my true self and allow betrayal into my life. One day I might be able to take ownership of my own part in the sorry affair. The triggers for shame and low self-esteem will have been bound up and anointed by an inner love that is forgiveness in its purest form. And when we realise that we become free.

Liberating hot summer passion

The passionate youngsters kissing and canoodling nearby are living in a place of passionate abundance. Their inner spirits are floating free and everything is still possible to them. But one day they too may forget that at any time in our lives we can open to the positive forces of our emotions, telling us of the infinite possibilities that are still within our reach, regardless of age, economic disposition, or relational status.

Failure is just a dirty word for learning

Listen As small people we learn to walk, talk and generally make sense of the world around us. It seems unlikely that we assessed our efforts in terms of success or failure. We didn’t think, we just ‘did’; rolling over, the first steps.. the first words… and all the parental cheering just made us want […]

Be still

Listen Be still Be still and breathe and I will breathe through you. Be still and breathe and all will be well. Heart, be still and let me breathe through you. Mind, be still and all will be well. Love, be gentle and I will breathe through you Let all be still because all is […]

Ouch, it hurts!

Sometimes pain hits us out of the ballpark. Sometimes external life events impose a pain that seems unbearable. Scarlett Lewis found a way to bear it. For inspiration, read Scarlett Lewis’ book. Read about facing the impossible finding courage when you think you have none and choosing love instead of anger, fear or hatred.