In the early years that I lived in Sweden, I struggled to come to terms with a number of blows that had hit my hitherto charmed life. Following a number of miscarriages, the question Why me? loomed large. As I wandered through the amazing and powerful Swedish landscape around my home, I sought to find comfort and understanding. From myself, from the shadow parts of myself that I had become alienated from and from my highest Self.

The answers came in the form of songs, in a simple yet heart soaring process of asking and listening. Slowly my story of loss, recollection and healing began to unfold. Unable to read or write notes, I cherished these songs in my heart, until one day I was called out to share them with my close community of Psychosynthesis friends, and Aviva, a psycho-spiritual musical, was slowly teased out of my heart.

And with the help of a dedicated band of fellow travelers, we performed Aviva at the Psychosynthesis summerschool in 2008. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to both PA and JO Gullo for helping me manifest this inner reality. And I cherish the hope that one day Aviva can be shared on an even larger stage, touching the hearts of all who walk this path of suffering joy that we call life.

Aviva: Lisa Norlin

Shadow: Anette Nilsson

Self: Felix von Bahder

Atroela: Mona Eriksson

Husband: Craig Sullivan

Cleaner: Kerstin Elving

The imp: Karl Gullo

Music and Lyrics: Lysanne Sizoo

Soundtrack: JO Gullo

Editor: PA Gullo