Putting your dissatisfaction to good use

And as if that’s not enough, you then become dissatisfied with yourself for being dissatisfied. And before you know it, the thunderstorms of discontent threaten to drag you into a negative spiral where gratitude seems nothing more than a naïve sentiment of days gone by.

Labels can kill!

We live in a world full of labels. A world of this and that, a world of contradictions and dualities. It is a left-brained world where we stagger under the weight of the general expectation to name the shape of the lives we are living, be it our personal, professional, or even spiritual lives. I am a this, I do a that. And yet, if we know anything for sure, it is that the shape of things always changes and that the real dance of life is to adjust and adapt, not to constrict and obstruct.

Let the champagne bubbles of spring shake you up

We look outside of ourselves for stability. When life flows calmly by, we may even say to ourselves, ‘I must be doing something right’, appeasing the Gods or the Fates, and when life inevitably hits us smack in the face, we feel cheated. If we have the courage to truly ride the swings of life, we find that they are always in motion. It's nothing we 'do' or don't 'do', it just is. 

My beloved brother Cain

So now two goats, on an altar lay, One for the devil and one god’s own prey.  One and the same, from the eye that sees high, Yet down in the shadows that view is denied.

Shut up and shine

The answer to pride.

Below, as above

As above, so below

Throwing caution to the wind

If I am to survive my next foray into the world, I will need to grow up a little, and find that balance or restraint. Not being held back, nor propelling forward… just being, like a Jedi, right in the moment. In that inner still-point. Or as the wise Greeks say, making haste slowly and savouring the journey!

Hearing that 'still small voice of calm'

But you, me, each one of us, is already the right technique, is already the right environment. Right here, right now

Stop Thinking!

So we can choose to walk around with cringing, fear based cells, that may or may not be attracting our worst nightmares, or we can choose not to jump on these negative, fallible outcome controlling trains of thoughts, let them pass the platform, sigh, and say ‘what will be will be’.