Empty nest

letting go

Empty Nest

Small tiny feet through the bedroom they pad
Fear and fright drives you into our bed
I hug you close
You fall asleep
You’re just on loan, not mine to keep

Bigger feet now down the school path you tread
Full of excitement at the adventures ahead
I smile a brave smile
And try not to weep
You’re just on loan, not mine to keep

Feet bigger than mine, on your moped you roar
You’re moving faster than ever before
You fall off and get hurt
Others see to your need
You’re just on loan, not mine to keep

Boxes packed, you’re ready to leave
With girlfriends and mates you do as you please
All I’ve invested,
now others will reap
Just as it should be, not mine to keep

The words come easy, of letting you go
Of knowing it’s right for this small child to grow
Into a man
With a life of his own,
But my mother-heart weeps, for a time now long gone.

Travel well my son
You are ready and strong
To take on the world
To which you belong
I’ll have my adventures
Post motherhood too
But know that I’ll always
Be here for you.


Saltsjöbaden,  September 2013 copyright Lysanne Sizoo


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  1. Gaëlle Cagé says:

    Wow, this is exactly how it is….. How I felt this week, how I will feel later.
    Tuesday he left home for his first day of secondary school. Cycling 17 km with his sister. He’s doing well; he’s great.


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