From communion, to separation to reconciliation.

Over a period of ten years I was inspired to write a collection of songs dealing with life’s ‘big’ questions.

Life had become tough and I sought answers.

The songs helped me through and initially I held them close to my heart, nurturing myself with their comfort and their wisdom. Gradually I began to share them with family, friends and colleagues who also felt the comfort and the inspiration of the lyrics and the music.

La Viviana - Aviva castIn 2003 I received the Margot Russel grant to develop the song cycle and with support from colleagues, family and friends it was first performed in 2005 and then again in 2008, in Sätra Brunn, Sweden.

UPDATE: All creative acts are works in progress; I have recently reworked the story; some of the songs have been adapted and some new songs have arrived too!

Download the revised 2015  Ave’Eva libretto here.

Watch and listen to all the songs from the 2008 performance.


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