Midlife Love



What joke is this, what cosmic joke

that you become I and I carry your yoke?
From opposite ends, we meet in the middle.
And there briefly rested, no longer a riddle.

Then the journey continued, our opposites took flight
Positions reversed, neither wrong nor right.
As a mirror reflecting the funfair of life,
swapping round our demons, sweet husband and wife.

Where calm before, you now feel a rush
And where once I hurried, there is a hush
Where emotions ruled, I have become tougher
While gentle compassion is now your lover

I smile as I realise that our yang and our yin,
Might be opposites once more, but without the sting
You recognise your demons, now reflected in mine,
And with compassion you help me – gently – to find,
the wisdom to linger and guide me home,
And finally, together, we see how we’ve grown.

Stockholm, February 2014 – Copyright Lysanne Sizoo

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