Scary things


scary spider


Scary Things

Scary is liver, with spinach for tea.

Scary is daddy being chased by a bee.

Scary is climbing a ladder too high

Scary is lightening that lights up the sky.

Scary is making a flying swing flip.

Scary is eating an orange with pips.

Scary is Daniel when he screams and shouts

Scary is mummy when she gives you time outs.

Scary is a tunnel all gloomy and dark.

Scary is losing your dog in the park.

Scary is starting a new school and friends

Scary is breaking the things dad can’t mend.

Scary is teddy when he falls out of bed.

Scary is blushing bright pink or red.

Scary is pudding when you can’t finish up.

Scary is the hoover when it hoovers you up.

Scary are monsters that lurk under beds.

Scary are spiders, with long hairy legs

But scariest of all, the scariest by far

Is a dark lonely night without any stars.

But I won’t be scared, and neither will you.

Just take a deep breath and then shout BOO!

Then I’ll give you a cuddle,

and hold you real tight.

And nothing will hurt you,

By day or by night.

1996 London – © Lysanne Sizoo

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