Storyline & Lyrics (2008)

1. The wedding song

Viviana and her new husband celebrate their love and sing of their hopes for a house full of children and making love every day! When joy is uppermost we do well to celebrate and enjoy our fortune.
20th June 2014/by Lysanne

2. Fate stirring

Viviana dances in the forest, hoping and dreaming about her future. Suddenly she hears the ominous words of fate, but for now, chooses to ignore it.
27th May 2014/by Lysanne

3. Small pretty things

Viviana and her husband are dreaming about their baby as every pregnant couple does. What will they name it, will it be a boy or a girl? But then their dream of parenthood crashes and falters on the rocks of fate. Viviana cries for the child that she mis-carried, and her husband mourns for the lover he has lost as Viviana retreats into herself.
3rd April 2014/by Lysanne

4. Unrequited love

Viviana's husband wants to show her his love. Human beings need to be allowed to give love and much as to receive it. He hurts when she is too sad to hear him. And if we listen from the perspective of the Shadow, then even within the psyche there can be parts that want the love and recognition of other parts.
10th March 2014/by Lysanne

5. Raindrops

Crisis and opportunity come hand in hand. Viviana's grief and depression might be a possibility for her Shadow/Alter ego to make herself more visible. Our Shadow carries everything that wasn't acceptable in childhood; the good qualities as well as the bad. And it is always pushing to be more integrated. Will Viviana recognise this though, or will she only see the bad?
17th February 2014/by Lysanne

6. Come take my hand

Fate calls Viviana again, this time with a little more compassion and love. She offers Viviana the chance to enter a world of self exploration, a world where there are answers, as well as more questions.
24th January 2014/by Lysanne

7. Think of a Way

Viviana heeds the call of fate. She also hears her husband singing of the love he feels for her, but for now she must go her own way and explore what this crisis might teach her. She hopes he will be there for her when she 'returns'.
1st December 2013/by Lysanne

8. Welcome to your Kingdom

Viviana takes the plunge, and because she has many questions about the role of fate, and/or God in her misfortune, the first aspect of her self that she meets is her inner Spirit. He rocks her to her foundations.
9th November 2013/by Lysanne

9. Why me?

At first Viviana is bowled over by her inner Spirit. But then her questions arise. WHY ME? Viviana believes that if you try and be a good person you can avoid bad things happening to you. Her naivety is countered by Fate who tries to help her see that adversity is part of life, for everyone.
15th October 2013/by Lysanne

10. High up and Mighty

Fate continues to challenge Viviana's naive assumption that the Divine has a hand in every event that befalls human beings. It is a dilemma that religions through the ages have struggled with; is it His Will, is it Karma, or does shit just happen? Fate suggests that whatever the answer, Viviana has personal will in choosing her attitude to what has happened to her.
22nd September 2013/by Lysanne

11. Oldest Question

Viviana's inner Spirit tackles her question is a slightly more gentle fashion. Telling her that in the end, the answer to the question why me, is why not?
5th August 2013/by Lysanne

12. Hogwash and gibberish

That answer may have pleased Viviana, but now her Shadow part breaks into the open, enraged at the facile new agey answers that the Spirit gives. Viviana is now fully confronted with an aspect of herself that she has denied. Viviana, the 'good girl', though more than a little whiney, meets Shadow, 'pure unadulterated rage', and then... Shadow's grief of being abandoned.
12th July 2013/by Lysanne

13. Is it my fault?

After the full frontal attack from Viviana's Shadow there is a moment of reflection and sadness for the Spirit. Can God, can our parents, our guardian angels or even our souls stop bad things from happening. Stop us from hurting ourselves, hurting other parts of ourselves? If the could, should they even try? Or is it enough that they give us comfort when we fall?
19th June 2013/by Lysanne

14. Viviana’s lullaby

Everyone needs comfort. All parts are hurting. The Shadow, Spirit, Viviana..... in the 2008 production the audience 'comforted' the cast back to strength. However, here we treat you to a more recent recording.
26th May 2013/by Lysanne

15. Stand off

Comforted by the lullaby and now both aware that the other needs to be acknowledged, Viviana and her Shadow gradually move from Standoff (the shit there is between us), to a will to reconciliation (the gold that's in us). In this process they mirror a process that needs to happen within each of us, between us and others, between cultures, religions, and between nations.
3rd April 2013/by Lysanne

16. Miracles may happen

The will to heal the split may be there, but neither Viviana nor her Shadow understand the truly profound and universal meaning of their healing. One person at a time, one relationship at a time, one nation, one culture, one religion with the other... if we see we are just two halves of the same circle... miracles may indeed happen.
3rd March 2013/by Lysanne

17. Dawn

Fully brought home through the work of the inner Spirit, the Shadow sings of the new Dawn in her life as her bright colours and promise shine through and a new dawn, indeed, rises. Viviana now sees her in a totally new light.
1st March 2013/by Lysanne

18. Surrender

Viviana now recognizes the Shadow as another aspect of herself, and not only that, she is no longer fearful of the qualities that this self part carries. From now on they will move forward as one.
12th February 2013/by Lysanne

19. Changed and yet the same

Reconciled with her Shadow Viviana expresses what many have done, following a long and arduous inner process; I am changed, yet I am changed... I am MORE of myself. And that's exactly as it should be.
24th January 2013/by Lysanne

20. New Ground

At the end of the day all aspects of Viviana's self have gone through a profound change. Perhaps her inner Spirit is a little more humble, her Shadow more integrated, her Fate satisfied at the lessons she has imparted. And yes, even Viviana's husband has changed somewhat and walks on this new ground with his lovely Viviana.
1st January 2013/by Lysanne