Partners who come from different cultures experience the joys and the challenges of a crss cultural relationship. Respect for knowing why someone holds the values and principles that they hold and not playing the game of my culture is better than your can bring great wisdom.


Peter Hickson

Rolling with the waves - control or surrender

Control and expectations march exhaustedly to the beat of their own drum, while surrender and curiosity skip along in the rhythm of life.

Be still

Be still. Just breathe And I will breathe through you. Be still. Just breathe And all will be well.

Liberating hot summer passion

The passionate youngsters kissing and canoodling nearby are living in a place of passionate abundance. Their inner spirits are floating free and everything is still possible to them. But one day they too may forget that at any time in our lives we can open to the positive forces of our emotions, telling us of the infinite possibilities that are still within our reach, regardless of age, economic disposition, or relational status.

Midlife Wife

The jail I thought my love did bind is merely a figment of my mind. This Mid-wife journey, this Mid-wife stage revealed the true power, of my rage

The homecoming blues

Do you suffer from the 'Home-comer's blues'? Or are you the one at the kitchen sink with two babies in your arms desperately waiting for some light relief after two weeks of single parenting?

Growing old abroad

Intercultural couples might never have thought about whose 'home' will be the one where they rest their bones. Couples who share one culture, as well as individuals may face the prospect of reverse culture shock. And some of us may even find we lose our acquired languages.

Passing over

Weep not at the cross for in Joy you come. To see the passing, to see Me passing, into the new.

Sick of being a trailing spouse?

If ever there was a description less befitting the hard work…

Midlife Love

Listen What joke is this, what cosmic joke that you become…