about the effects of our own mortality on our emotional and psychological wellbeing as well as the deaths of others.


Growing old abroad

Intercultural couples might never have thought about whose 'home' will be the one where they rest their bones. Couples who share one culture, as well as individuals may face the prospect of reverse culture shock. And some of us may even find we lose our acquired languages.

Passing over

Weep not at the cross for in Joy you come. To see the passing, to see Me passing, into the new.

Misty bridge

The bridge that connects,Bridge between the living and the dead you to me, is often shrouded in mist. At times we see, and then we don’t our loved ones gently kissed

Dealing with the death of a parent abroad

Reader Question: How can I better manage dealing with the death…

Between death and new life

There you now lie, my sweetest love Helpless as a babe, and yet more helpless still. Sunk deep into your deepest self You resemble the boy