about dealing with death, loneliness, meaninglessness and responsibility for own lives, in a positive and healthy manner.


Peter Hickson

Rolling with the waves - control or surrender

Control and expectations march exhaustedly to the beat of their own drum, while surrender and curiosity skip along in the rhythm of life.

Shining your light

Shining your light: Shit happens in life. None of our fear based controlling behaviours will stop the shit from happening. There may be little bits of shit in your life that will seem huge to you. And there may be huge bits of shit in other people’s lives that will seem almost negligible to them. Because your contentment is not guided by the lesser or greater amount of poo in your life…. It is guided by your attitude to it.

Liberating hot summer passion

The passionate youngsters kissing and canoodling nearby are living in a place of passionate abundance. Their inner spirits are floating free and everything is still possible to them. But one day they too may forget that at any time in our lives we can open to the positive forces of our emotions, telling us of the infinite possibilities that are still within our reach, regardless of age, economic disposition, or relational status.

Expect nothing from 2015

  Listen instead But hope for everything...... As…

Midlife Wife

The jail I thought my love did bind is merely a figment of my mind. This Mid-wife journey, this Mid-wife stage revealed the true power, of my rage

I am what I am

From childhood we do what we have to do to fit in. We know this from countless research studies as well as many hours spent with coaches, therapists and counsellors. More often than not, the song we end up singing in life is ‘I am what I’m not’. When life circumstances push us into a period of transition we very often bump up against our intrinsic need to remain acceptable and likeable to our tribe.

2. Fate stirring

Viviana dances in the forest, hoping and dreaming about her future. Suddenly she hears the ominous words of fate, but for now, chooses to ignore it.

Cosmic Interference

The trick is to know when to take up the oars in our little rowing boat that’s bobbing up and down on the river, and when to let it drift along with the tide. So often we fail to enjoy the ride for what it is. We think it should be smoother, fairer, more exciting, less painful. Or we want the ride that someone else is having. And of course we want our children to have the best ride possible. We drag things from the river bank and load them into our boat, instead of just noticing them and not weighing down our boat to the point of sinking.

Sick of being a trailing spouse?

If ever there was a description less befitting the hard work…