10. High up and Mighty

Fate continues to challenge Viviana's naive assumption that the Divine has a hand in every event that befalls human beings. It is a dilemma that religions through the ages have struggled with; is it His Will, is it Karma, or does shit just happen? Fate suggests that whatever the answer, Viviana has personal will in choosing her attitude to what has happened to her.

11. Oldest Question

Viviana's inner Spirit tackles her question is a slightly more gentle fashion. Telling her that in the end, the answer to the question why me, is why not?

13. Is it my fault?

After the full frontal attack from Viviana's Shadow there is a moment of reflection and sadness for the Spirit. Can God, can our parents, our guardian angels or even our souls stop bad things from happening. Stop us from hurting ourselves, hurting other parts of ourselves? If the could, should they even try? Or is it enough that they give us comfort when we fall?