about the stigma of loneliness, its causes and its challenges.


Lost in transition

There will always be a period of transition, of being a little lost. Being lost in transition is part and parcel of the adventure.

4. Unrequited love

Viviana's husband wants to show her his love. Human beings need to be allowed to give love and much as to receive it. He hurts when she is too sad to hear him. And if we listen from the perspective of the Shadow, then even within the psyche there can be parts that want the love and recognition of other parts.

Sick of being a trailing spouse?

If ever there was a description less befitting the hard work…

7. Think of a Way

Viviana heeds the call of fate. She also hears her husband singing of the love he feels for her, but for now she must go her own way and explore what this crisis might teach her. She hopes he will be there for her when she 'returns'.

Is loneliness part of the expat experience?

No one likes to admit that they are lonely and yet, for most internationals, dealing with the loss of friends and family is always going to be part of the process of adjustment. Singles may travel abroad in search of adventure, to take up a new job, or just because that particular country has always exercised a particular pull on them

A loss of purpose

Sometimes we can be overcome by a loss of purpose. We look for…