Labels can kill!

We live in a world full of labels. A world of this and that, a world of contradictions and dualities. It is a left-brained world where we stagger under the weight of the general expectation to name the shape of the lives we are living, be it our personal, professional, or even spiritual lives. I am a this, I do a that. And yet, if we know anything for sure, it is that the shape of things always changes and that the real dance of life is to adjust and adapt, not to constrict and obstruct.

Shining your light

Shining your light: Shit happens in life. None of our fear based controlling behaviours will stop the shit from happening. There may be little bits of shit in your life that will seem huge to you. And there may be huge bits of shit in other people’s lives that will seem almost negligible to them. Because your contentment is not guided by the lesser or greater amount of poo in your life…. It is guided by your attitude to it.