about the grief and disappointment connected to pregnancy loss, for you, your partner and the wider family.


3. Small pretty things

Viviana and her husband are dreaming about their baby as every pregnant couple does. What will they name it, will it be a boy or a girl? But then their dream of parenthood crashes and falters on the rocks of fate. Viviana cries for the child that she mis-carried, and her husband mourns for the lover he has lost as Viviana retreats into herself.

Hiding behind a smile

What would you do If I told you the truth If I told you outright I’m not feeling too bright

Why me?

As a young reporter, just making my way into the grown up world,…

I feel Barren

Empty I feel barren, hollow My belly an empty vessel under a broken heart Where once was life

Small sparks of Life

Small sparks of Life That burned so briefly Small sparks of Life Were loved so fiercely