about the nature of relationships in all their wonderful complicated and rewarding glory.


Between death and new life

There you now lie, my sweetest love Helpless as a babe, and yet more helpless still. Sunk deep into your deepest self You resemble the boy

Just silly

Foul fish Fried fingers Fish fillets Fingers foul

15. Stand off

Comforted by the lullaby and now both aware that the other needs to be acknowledged, Viviana and her Shadow gradually move from Standoff (the shit there is between us), to a will to reconciliation (the gold that's in us). In this process they mirror a process that needs to happen within each of us, between us and others, between cultures, religions, and between nations.

19. Changed and yet the same

Reconciled with her Shadow Viviana expresses what many have done, following a long and arduous inner process; I am changed, yet I am changed... I am MORE of myself. And that's exactly as it should be.

Happily unhappy

Today the website of Action for Happiness was launched. Their…