Our identity is made up of a collection of self images and self beliefs. In some psychological traditions these often warring concepts of self are called subpersonalities.


Peter Hickson

Rolling with the waves - control or surrender

Control and expectations march exhaustedly to the beat of their own drum, while surrender and curiosity skip along in the rhythm of life.

Perfectly imperfect internationals

When it relentlessly pursues us with its ‘must do and can do better’, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, something is out of balance. That's bad enough living in the comfort zone of your wn national identity, but for expats, who are already confused about the new cultural and linguistic paths they have embarked on, it can become a hinderance, rather than a help to settling in.

How sub-personalities are born

This is a story about how sub-personalities are born. They are…

15. Stand off

Comforted by the lullaby and now both aware that the other needs to be acknowledged, Viviana and her Shadow gradually move from Standoff (the shit there is between us), to a will to reconciliation (the gold that's in us). In this process they mirror a process that needs to happen within each of us, between us and others, between cultures, religions, and between nations.

16. Miracles may happen

The will to heal the split may be there, but neither Viviana nor her Shadow understand the truly profound and universal meaning of their healing. One person at a time, one relationship at a time, one nation, one culture, one religion with the other... if we see we are just two halves of the same circle... miracles may indeed happen.

18. Surrender

Viviana now recognizes the Shadow as another aspect of herself, and not only that, she is no longer fearful of the qualities that this self part carries. From now on they will move forward as one.

Subpersonalities and neuroscience

We are not one unified identity but rather a collection of subpersonalities, or different selves that struggle and strive for attention and power. This has been accepted thought in psychology for a long time, but now even neuroscience is coming aboard.