Workshops and Seminars

Lysanne presenting 4

Lysanne Sizoo is a much loved speaker and workshop facilitator who has worked for a number of international organisations. She presents in Swedish, Dutch and English.

Lysanne’s workshops are more about learning to accept ‘what is’ and don’t promise you magical formulas for instant joy.

Her approach reflects her belief that life is about working with the ups as well as the downs, and always being on the look out for ways to grow and learn from the experience.

She has provided workshops for the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the International School of the Stockholm Region, the Global Expat center, Oracle and Philip Morris.

Participant’s comments

Lysanne presents difficult issues in a warm and often entertaining style. She includes herself in a way that helps you feel like you’re not alone in your experience, and yet draws on a wealth on knowledge which she shares with ease in a clear and concise manner.

EllenGlobal Expat Center participant

I was the one person who suffered summer blues instead of winter blues, but I came anyway because I always feel I am learning somethng new.

MichelGlobal Expat Participant