18. Surrender

Viviana now recognizes the Shadow as another aspect of herself, and not only that, she is no longer fearful of the qualities that this self part carries. From now on they will move forward as one.


[Viviana and Shadow]

I hear you’re talking about me, and in your voice I hear a plea,
you sound sincere and since I’m here, I think I’ll stay and listen.
I won’t pretend to understand but I’ll be damned if I go on hating,
and so I’m waiting.

[Shadow] It’s been so cold , it’s been so dark. without a light, without a spark.
Just like a thief, I found my grief had stopped my heart from beating.
in such a hell, I can not tell, but in my shell I tried to hide me
and still you find me.

[Viviana and Shadow] And so we stand here hands outstretched, the journey down has reached it’s depth,
we want to soar and find what is more, we want to try and listen.
For now we know, as seeds must grow that al that flows can be within us .
we’re just beginners.

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