7. Think of a Way

Viviana heeds the call of fate. She also hears her husband singing of the love he feels for her, but for now she must go her own way and explore what this crisis might teach her. She hopes he will be there for her when she ‘returns’.

Think of a Way



Think of a way, for me to stay,
not leaving you behind.
Think of a way, I don’t want to go,
but I must search and find.

The road is open, it beckons me,
to come and find, what lies beyond.
If only you, could come with me,
but you can’t, I do this, alone.

But maybe when I’m back we could be together.
Maybe what I’ll find might bring us some peace.
Maybe it’s the love that I find there, that brings us together.
Is there an answer, to what we seek?

Think of a way, no don’t think, I won’t stay
I must go, I must go on my way.

And then: Vivian enters an inner realm, a magical place where she is met by a charismatic figure who wows her and makes her feel like she’s already healed.

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