Aviva – a mystical song cycle

Aviva describes the journey from suffering to redemption

In the early years that I lived in Sweden, I struggled to come to terms with a number of blows that had hit my hitherto charmed life. Following a number of miscarriages, the question Why me? loomed large. As I wandered through the amazing and powerful Swedish landscape around my home, I sought to find comfort and understanding. I sought reconciliation with the shadow parts of myself that I had become alienated from and in doing so, journeyed closer to my highest Self.

The answers came in the form of songs, in a simple yet heart soaring process of asking and listening. Slowly my story of loss, reconciliation and healing began to unfold. Unable to read or write notes, I cherished these songs in my heart, until one day I was called out to share them with my close community of Psychosynthesis friends, and Aviva, a mystical song cycle was slowly teased out of my heart.

Aviva 2005 – preview (alternate name La Viviana)