I created you a garden


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I created you a garden


I created you a garden

I created you a home

yet all you do is ask me

“Why am I here, alone?”


I saw to all your comforts

and time and space to grow

yet all you do is ask me

“Why am I here, at all?”


“Why can’t I have it my way

I’m sure I know what’s best.”

If only you would trust me

and rest when you can rest.


Yet on and on you wonder

you ponder and yes, moan

you don’t look at your garden

you don’t realise you’re home.


But trust how well I know you

I’m here, you have a friend

just let me work, Me, through you

And hold you to the end.


I will always love you

you always will be Mine

before you came I knew you

You are Spirit, you are Divine.


Nederhorst den Berg, 2014 copyright, Lysanne Sizoo

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  1. Ritva says:

    I have read this poem several times now and each and every time I have found something new. This remainds me of litterature classes long time ago where we were analyzing short stories, novels and poems. The symbolism in this poem is beautiful and even though I’m not very spiritual person I have a feeling of something beyond when reading this.


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