The term healthy neurotics is derived from an anecdotal comment attributed to Sigmund Freud. He was asked if people can ever be fully cured. He is said to have replied that the best one can hope for is to be a healthy neurotic.

This is how Lysanne Sizoo, the author behind Healthy Neurotics, describes it;

Being human means being strong as well as weak, perfect as well as fallible; sometimes happy and sometimes sad. It means accepting that adversity is part of life, as are joy and moments of deep connection with something Beyond. People that are Healthy Neurotics do not expect life to be the picture perfect postcard existence that modern society would like us to lead – Lysanne Sizoo 2013

It is this perspective that informs all of Lysanne’s writing, be it articles, poetry, songs or essays. It is also the philosophy that underlies her work as a licensed Psychotherapist and workshop facilitator. Regressive pain results from fighting the inevitable, denying the hurt, or trying to transcend it. Progressive pain says “bring it on, into the pain and out the other end”.

Healthy Neurotics offers a creative bouquet of experiences and suggestions that try to describe this attitude from many different perespectives. We hope you will find it a comfort and an inspiration.