Neither here nor there

Listen or watch

car ferry tynnig

Neither Here nor There

I am neither here nor there
Fluid as water
Thin as air.

I don’t belong
yet I don’t care
because I am neither
nor there.

A spectrum of notes
ranging high to low
rousing emotions
why, I don’t know.

Forging and forging
Ahead, ahead,
don’t try to keep up
don’t hold me back.

I don’t belong
It’s the journeys fare,
Because I am neither,
Here, nor there.

Restless seeking,
My purpose, my goal
Then quietly waiting
Like a magnet
My soul.

No longer one
Yet not quite the other,
As one shore recedes
Without view of another.

Fluid as water,
Thin as air,
I observe what matters
And I carelessly care.

I don’t belong
yet I have no fear
I’m in two places at once
both there, and here.

Stockholm Arlanda: May 2014, copyright: Lysanne Sizoo


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