Separation and love

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 A Tapestry of Love

Woven into the fibre of my being
I unpick you,
Stitch by painful stitch.
Some shimmer, some shine
And some stink of hell’s pernicious brine

And as each fibre, is painfully removed.
I murmur a prayer, that love be true.

Then, into a tapestry of memories I weave
the shimmers of joy, too sweet to destroy.
And take even the dark bitter ominous threads
As they did make me wise, even as I bled.

A love that was troubled
But tried to stay true.
Until you wrote
“I no longer love you.”

Some strands I let fly
Into the storm winds that roar
“Let him go, let him go,”
He is yours no more.

Unpicking the fibers
Now no longer merged
An end, not a failure
Our paths diverged.

Copyright: Lysanne Sizoo, May 2015, Ned. Den Berg

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