Shut up and shine

You ask me about your pride?


Then be the silence that you don’t seek,

be the stillness you don’t think you need,

be the centre, the love, the light,

one of the millions of stars I ignite.


No more; “look at me, see what I do”,

Casting yourself in the heroine’s role,

In a drama written just for you.


No more flippant ego noise

Take out the false pitch in your voice.

Stop showing off, stop being so right,

For I am your clean, unfettered light.


And I don’t need to be seen to be.

I am, all that I am,

And I see, all that I see.


And thus, I see you,

and my greatest joy,

is for all that clutter to be destroyed.


And to use you in your purest form

Let love, and light, in you be born.


Oh, prideful chattering child of mine,

Just be still, be joyous,

just shut up and shine!


Lysanne Sizoo

December 2017


Note: Occasionally my higher/deeper self communicates her love and affection in a more offhand manner. Today was one of those days, as I do believe I detect a gentle exasperation in the overshadowing angel 🙂  Perhaps for that reason, all the more forceful.

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