When life is not going as smoothly as we like we speak of adversity. It comes in many forms, from losing a job, becoming infertile, or experiencing the end of a relationship. Adversity can help us grow, but only if we can face it head on.


Peter Hickson

Rolling with the waves - control or surrender

Control and expectations march exhaustedly to the beat of their own drum, while surrender and curiosity skip along in the rhythm of life.

Expect nothing from 2015

  Listen instead But hope for everything...... As…

Please stop fighting

Please stop fighting! I heard a little boy shout this at his parents on a sunny terrace. I saw people tweet it when the middle east once more exploded in violence, and I heard my own prime minister ask it of the ukrainanian separatists so that we could bring home the bodies of the victims from flight MH17.

How do you use your freedom?

We imagine ourselves trapped, unfree, unable to direct our lives. We sit like caged birds; the door is wide open but we have forgotten how to fly. But I assure you that those who are truly, physically unfree at this point in time, will tell you exactly what they would with their freedom

2. Fate stirring

Viviana dances in the forest, hoping and dreaming about her future. Suddenly she hears the ominous words of fate, but for now, chooses to ignore it.

5. Raindrops

Crisis and opportunity come hand in hand. Viviana's grief and depression might be a possibility for her Shadow/Alter ego to make herself more visible. Our Shadow carries everything that wasn't acceptable in childhood; the good qualities as well as the bad. And it is always pushing to be more integrated. Will Viviana recognise this though, or will she only see the bad?

Being anxious and afraid

However, what we have only just begun to understand is that the amygdala can't distinguish between an outside impulse or one that comes from within the brain. We are literally making ourselves sick with worry.

Don't feel sorry for me!

After a tale of childhood woe, abandonment and grief, she lifts…

A place to heal

There might be a place where healing is found, There might be a place where I can be sound, a place where my heart and my soul can roam, a place where I won't be alone.