Anxiety and stress can be caused by internal and external prompts.


Walking towards the fear

In these transformative times, the fear of what might happen is like this inner child making us fear, stoke up or try to deny the things that are happening around us. Yes, there are people getting sick and there are people dying, but until you or your loved ones are sick, until it touches your life and demands your attention, it is like the elephant under the bed.

Please stop fighting

Please stop fighting! I heard a little boy shout this at his parents on a sunny terrace. I saw people tweet it when the middle east once more exploded in violence, and I heard my own prime minister ask it of the ukrainanian separatists so that we could bring home the bodies of the victims from flight MH17.

Being anxious and afraid

However, what we have only just begun to understand is that the amygdala can't distinguish between an outside impulse or one that comes from within the brain. We are literally making ourselves sick with worry.