Partners who come from different cultures experience the joys and the challenges of a crss cultural relationship. Respect for knowing why someone holds the values and principles that they hold and not playing the game of my culture is better than your can bring great wisdom.


Held hostage for the sake of the children

When international relationships end, one partner can end…

A day by the seaside

Now as the heat waves over us, after weeks of cloud and rain. With happy faces, one by one, we climb aboard the train.

Dealing with the in laws

Dealing with the in laws can be confusing and confounding and…

Not the only lonely expat

Even when we don’t move around the globe, being happy all the time is not a normal human condition. Life can be really tough sometimes, but when our need to grieve, to be angry, or to experience failure is inhibited we add insult to injury.

International relations

Companies need to become willing to embrace the 'liquid' nature of international relations. Rather than teach cross cultural theory by sticking to a teaching of cultural identities, it is the very loss of any cultural identity that points to the future.