about living in foreign cultures successfully, with an understanding of the challenges you face, and the gains you may achieve


Growing old abroad

Intercultural couples might never have thought about whose 'home' will be the one where they rest their bones. Couples who share one culture, as well as individuals may face the prospect of reverse culture shock. And some of us may even find we lose our acquired languages.

Lost in transition

There will always be a period of transition, of being a little lost. Being lost in transition is part and parcel of the adventure.

International friendships

If you look at the friendships that survived your travels, you might notice that they are in a deeper, more lasting phase. Time and distance will have sifted out the one or two friends that are lasting, while others faded away. Just as there are different ways of making friends, there are also different ways of staying friends and expressing what we feel for them.

Held hostage for the sake of the children

When international relationships end, one partner can end…

Another international relocation

For many expats their geographical location is more likely to…

World peace and Third Culture Kids

There is a paradigm shift between the generations that reinforces this, as even today’s mono-cultural children are increasingly influenced by other cultures, and interact via the internet as easily with children from one part of the world as from another.