about the energy that moves us forward and helps us to achieve, and its most negative distortions.


Back to work stress

How do you feel about getting back to work after the holidays.…

Please stop fighting

Please stop fighting! I heard a little boy shout this at his parents on a sunny terrace. I saw people tweet it when the middle east once more exploded in violence, and I heard my own prime minister ask it of the ukrainanian separatists so that we could bring home the bodies of the victims from flight MH17.

A lazy day

Lazy lazy, my brain is hazy My energy low, and I'm moving too slow It’s just one of those days, where not much is done. Just messing about, just dozy, not glum.

Being anxious and afraid

However, what we have only just begun to understand is that the amygdala can't distinguish between an outside impulse or one that comes from within the brain. We are literally making ourselves sick with worry.

Perfectly imperfect internationals

When it relentlessly pursues us with its ‘must do and can do better’, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, something is out of balance. That's bad enough living in the comfort zone of your wn national identity, but for expats, who are already confused about the new cultural and linguistic paths they have embarked on, it can become a hinderance, rather than a help to settling in.

Another international relocation

For many expats their geographical location is more likely to…