Therapy is a process whereby one person seeks the support of another, trained, individual who will help them to try and make sense of their lives and their role in the world.


Back to work stress

How do you feel about getting back to work after the holidays.…

Identity development

Part of our earliest confusion about believing external authorities, rather than our own internal wisdom, comes from the fact that we can’t, as babies, question the authority of those who hold up the ‘mirrors’ in which we see our ‘selves’ reflected.

8. Welcome to your Kingdom

Viviana takes the plunge, and because she has many questions about the role of fate, and/or God in her misfortune, the first aspect of her self that she meets is her inner Spirit. He rocks her to her foundations.

Is loneliness part of the expat experience?

No one likes to admit that they are lonely and yet, for most internationals, dealing with the loss of friends and family is always going to be part of the process of adjustment. Singles may travel abroad in search of adventure, to take up a new job, or just because that particular country has always exercised a particular pull on them

Happily unhappy

Today the website of Action for Happiness was launched. Their…